Frequently Asked Questions




1. Cabin and tent sites open for bookings 60 days prior to the arrival date

2. Can I film a commercial or use the Tenquille site for guiding clients?   Commercial use of the Tenquille Cabin & Tent Sites is NOT permitted! (ie. guides or guests in any guided groups, benefit or fee for service, film groups). This includes all recreational activities (ie. mountain biking, backcountry skiing, hiking, mountaineering) and business purposes (ie. filming, product advertising).How far in advance can I book my reservation?  

3. Am I allowed to bring my dog to the cabin or tent sites?   Dogs, pets and horses are NOT permitted in the entire Tenquille Lake Recreation Site, cabin or tent sites. Registered Guide Dogs for the visually impaired are exempt from this prohibition.

4. Are campfires permitted at Tenquille?   Campfires are NOT permitted. There is a social fire pit and wood is available from the site operator. Gathering firewood in the immediate and surrounding areas is NOT permitted.

5. Is there garbage removal available?   The site does NOT have garbage removal. Pack out everything you brought including any 'green' propane bottles. Leaving garbage, food scraps and food wrappers behind is a hazard for the next camper as well as bears. You Packed It In, You Must Pack It Out!

6. Will there be a site operator at the cabin when I arrive?   Please have a copy of your booking confirmation with you to present to the site operator for proof of your reservation. The cabin is user-maintained, all users are to clean up after themselves and follow the cabin rules.

7. Do I have to be an PWA member to stay at the cabin or tent sites?   No, you do not need to be a PWA member.

8. What should I bring to the cabin?   Check our cabin page for information.

9. What time can we check in/check out at the cabin?   Check-in is 3:00pm or later & check-out is 11:00am. Please respect the check-in time and give outgoing groups time to pack up. If you arrive prior to 3:00pm, leave packs on the front (covered) porch. Outgoing guests should pack up and cleaned the cabin by 11:00am and may leave their packs by the door until departure.

10. Are there "quiet hours" at the Tenquille site?   Quiet hours 11:00pm to 7:00am. The cabin is for active people & families who pursue mountain climbing, backcountry skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, hunting, fishing and wilderness appreciation. Respect quiet hours so all can enjoy - it is not a party place! If the site operator or another party asks you to be quiet, please be reasonable & curtail your activities. Get along – everyone has worked hard to get here!

11. Are there any private rooms in the Tenquille Cabin?   No, the cabin has communal sleeping quarters.

12. How can I make an emergency call or contact someone from the cabin?   The cabin and tent sites are NOT within cellular range. It is highly recommended that satellite communication device be carried for emergencies.