Cabin Information


The Tenquille Cabin is available by reservation only. You must have a confirmed reservation PRIOR to arrival - there is no cell service on siteYou must bring the confirmation of your reservation to show the Site OperatorSite Map is here.

Cabin Capacity:  12 guests maximum. If you book the entire cabin you are required to limit your group size to 12 - this obligation is taken very seriously.  There is a stiff penalty ($250) for exceeding the stated capacity of 12.  No drop-in visitors permitted.

Cost:  $25 per person per night, maximum number of consecutive booking nights is 10

Commercial use of the Tenquille Cabin & Tent Sites is NOT permitted! (ie. guides or guests in any guided groups, benefit or fee for service, film groups).  This includes all recreational activities (ie. mountain biking, backcountry skiing, hiking, mountaineering) and business purposes (ie. filming, product advertising).


Sleeping:  Upper loft floor, sleeping pads are supplied

Outhouses:  Urine diverting toilets. Bring your own hand sanitizers and toilet paper

  • Cabin bookings open 60 days prior to the arrival date.

  • Dogs, pets and horses are NOT permitted in the Tenquille Lake Recreation Site or cabin. Registered Guide Dogs for the visually impaired are exempt from this prohibition.

  • Quiet hours 11:00pm to 7:00am  The cabin is for active people & families who pursue mountain climbing, backcountry skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, hunting, fishing and wilderness appreciation. Respect quiet hours so all can enjoy - it is not a party place! If the site operator or another party asks you to be quiet, please be reasonable & curtail your activities. Get along – everyone has worked hard to get here!

  • Keep the cabin neat, tidy and clean  Guests are responsible for cleaning up daily and leaving the cabin clean upon departure. Clean up is NOT the responsibility of the site operator and if you are asked to clean up or put things away, please do so promptly.

  • If You Packed it In, You Must Pack it Out  The cabin & Rec Site has no garbage removal service. Pack out everything you brought including any 'green' propane bottles. Leaving garbage, food scraps and food wrappers behind is a hazard for the next camper as well as bears.

  • Weather  From November – June you will encounter snow through rugged mountain terrain. Guests must be capable of backcountry navigation, breaking trail, avalanche assessment, avoidance and more. Your vehicle must be capable of reaching the trailhead. We do not give refunds if guests are unable to reach the cabin.

  • Discharge of Firearms is Prohibited within any BC Rec Site - the entire Tenquille Lake area is a Provincial Rec Site.

  • Campfires are NOT Permitted at Tenquille Rec Site. There is a social fire pit, wood is available from the Site Operator. 


 Cabin Rules & What is Provided

Please help the PWA make the experience of staying at the Tenquille Cabin as comfortable and safe as possible.


  • Please keep the cabin clean and tidy.
  • Leave your muddy boots outside.
  • Sign the journal – but do not deface the cabin by writing or carving on the walls, tables, etc.
  • Welcome and make room for everyone who has a reservation for the cabin. Work together to have an enjoyable stay.  At night, respect others who wish to sleep!
  • Please chop/split firewood at the woodpile.  DO NOT chop/split wood in the cabin or on the front porch – this will cause serious damage. Bring your own fire starting kit.
  • Use the LED lighting system sparingly. Reduce electrical draw by turning off main floor, loft or outside lights when not needed.
  • Close all windows and secure door when leaving cabin.

Wood Stove

  • The wood stove is NOT to be used for cooking.
  • Please minimize use of the stove to save firewood. Use only when necessary (wet or cold conditions).  A brief fire will keep the well-insulated cabin warm for a long time.  Too much fire will make the loft too hot to sleep.  NO ALL DAY FIRES – please conserve the firewood!!
  • Firewood is provided. It is recommended you bring a fire starting kit. To ensure the stove performs well, please burn only clean, dry wood. DO NOT burn building materials which are stacked near/under cabin.
  • Gathering firewood in the immediate and surrounding areas is NOT permitted.
  • A fire extinguisher has been provided for emergencies. Be sure the fire has burned out before leaving the cabin.  DO NOT use water to put the fire out!
  • Be careful when closing the stove door so that the glass on the stove door doesn’t break!
  • Air for the fire and how fast it burns your wood is controlled by the lever (damper) below the door.


  • Solar LED, use sparingly and consider bringing a propane or LED lamp to preserve solar power. Best used for getting organized then switch to your LED or propane lantern. 
  • Reduce electrical draw by turning off main floor, loft or outside lights when not needed.
  • Please do not rotate light fixtures as it damages wiring.


  • Propane stoves are provided for cooking. Bring your own 1lb. ‘green’ propane canisters.
  • Do not place stoves on birch counter top – use them on the two tables.
  • Kitchen has cutlery, plates, pots and pans.
  • Do not take any dishes, pots, cutlery outside. The kitchen supplies belong in the cabin and are to stay inside.
  • Cooking outside over an open fire is NOT permitted.
  • The sink drains into a bucket under the sink. Please do not let the bucket overflow. Dump gray water in designated area to the west of the cabin – look for the sign indicating the area for dumping gray water.
  • Clean up before you leave.  Pack out all of your garbage and 1lb ‘green propane canisters.
  • Do not leave food in the cabin – it will only attract rodents.  You packed it in, you must pack it out!


  • No boots upstairs!  Help us preserve the ladder and keep the sleeping area clean.

The Pemberton Wildlife Association (PWA) and many Pemberton community volunteers re-built the historic Tenquille Cabin in 2011. For the first decade, the cabin was self-managed by users and a group of dedicated volunteers from the PWA - cabin maintenance, installation of urine diverting toilets, countless hours of trail building and maintenance, building tent sites - are all the work of Pemberton volunteers. The PWA takes great pride in what the volunteers have built, as our guest please show appreciation for their hard work by respecting the Rec Site and Cabin, the surrounding area and those who share the cabin with you.

The Tenquille Cabin is a Special Place!

Please RESPECT the Cabin & Facilities Provided for You! Pack Out Everything You Packed In - Leave No Trace